Thursday, January 20, 2011

MWA Celebration of the Muslim Woman

MWA Celebration of the Muslim Woman
Sunday March 13, 2011 at 1pm
Double Tree Oakbrook
1909 Spring Road
Oak Brook, IL

March is Women’s History Month and MWA would like to take this opportunity to recognize and celebrate the achievements of Muslim women. This annual celebration has become a time for all of our sisters from all over Chicago land to unite. Alhamdulillah, every year we are excited to see such a dynamic group of women creating bonds together. Like last year, we will be showcasing a variety of talented muslim women to amaze you.

Join... us on March 13th as we honor women from the Chicago land area that exemplify the philosophies of MWA. MWA's cornerstones are Philanthropy, Community Service and Personal Development. We will award those women that have tirelessly given back to the community, have been positive female role models, and fostered a commitment to helping others. If you know of such a woman, please nominate her for the MWA Inspiring Woman Award. Nominations must be received by February 20, 2011.

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Tickets are $45 til Jan. 31st and $50 til Feb. 28th
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Monday, July 20, 2009


Salaam and Peace to all!

Welcome to the Muslim Women's Alliance blog. Please visit often to stay updated on our activities.

The MWA exists to build a strong alliance between women so that they may implement the values of Islam by promoting community service, fostering philanthropy and realizing personal development.

Here are some frequently asked questions about us:

Q1: What is the general mission of the Muslim Women's Alliance
MWA exists to build a strong alliance between women so that they may implement the values of Islam by promoting community service, fostering philanthropy and realizing personal development. MWA welcomes diverse membership from Muslim or non-Muslim backgrounds from women of all ages. As members of MWA we will work together to uphold our cornerstones.

Is the Muslim Women’s Alliance’s fully organizationally established?

Answer: Not yet…but actively getting there. We are working toward launching the organization in full capacity. The idea started with one woman enlisting the brainstorming power and dedication of a handful of women from the Chicago area. This round table group has been meeting for several months to discuss the mission, goals and direction of the organization and how it will meet the needs of Muslim women of all ages.

When will MWA start accepting members?

Answer: Starting Jan 2009 MWA started accepting members and is actively recruiting committee members. Email us if you would like to be an active committee member in any of our cornerstones: Philanthropy, Community Service, Personal Development

What activities do you have in mind?

Answer: Fund raise for a National Muslim Scholarship Fund; Mentoring groups for new parents, new couples, teenagers; book clubs; 5k/3k Family Walk-a-Thon; Muslim Women’s Junior Alliance, children’s play groups, Halaqa groups, dinner clubs and athletic teams. These are only few of the ideas we would like to develop, as our membership grows so will the creative energy.

Why a Muslim Women’s Alliance? Why just women?

Answer: Muslim women are a dynamic, nurturing, creative and resourceful group. An organization such as this one has the power to do a tremendous amount of good for their
communities at large. Every community has a Women’s Club, eg. Evanston Women’s Club, Naperville Women’s Club—these groups empower women, develop a sisterhood and are large sources of philanthropic contributions in their neighborhoods. The MWA can do the same for their own communities at large Muslim and non-Muslim.

Will MWA dialogue with other women’s groups?

Answer: Of course! That is what women do best –dialogue. This will be a great way for women from different backgrounds to get together and dialogue. Communication is the key to end any misconceptions.

Will the MWA only focus efforts in Chicago area?

Answer: Just like the Muslim Student Association, our long-term goal is to grow into a national and perhaps international organization. We will of course first get established in the Chicago area with accessible chapters in this large region.

How can I notify MWA of my intent to become an active member and contribute my ideas?

Answer: We are an organization for ALL Muslim women. Please email us with your comments and interest to become a member at and join our Facebook page.